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QuotingBill Mid-December Update: Ingram Micro, address validation & more!

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Carlos Lahrssen
QuotingBill Mid-December Update: Ingram Micro, address validation & more!
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Slowing down while picking up the pace

With this new launch we wanted to emphasize on improving the overall QuotingBill experience while slowly introducing new features into the platform. That meant reevaluating existing features and user flows while also releasing new functionality that was requested in the roadmap. We were glad to have met with many of our users as to see what was working and what wasn't. As you'll see below a lot of the new quality of life changes we added was to improve system communication to the user. Our goal was to have the system give information and context whenever there's something that might affect the current task they're performing. For example, trying to send a quote while having an accounting software like QuickBooks installed but not configured will send an alert your way saying that you should configure for a seamless experience.

Now for the holiday goodies!

We're so excited to announce our next feature set that is available now on QuotingBill. With this new launch we wanted to tackle not only improving your experience but also the experience that your customers will have with you using our platform. We also added a new shiny application to continue streamlining your bill to provision process. Here's what we threw into the mix!

  • You can now send your customers access to a portal where they can view and pay their invoices, add payment methods, and pay their balance in full!
  • Through user testing we saw that we didn't do the best job in communicating how you can super power your billing experience in QuotingBill with applications installed. So we've added guides and how to's right in the application itself as well as warnings when you don't have applications configured correctly.
  • Ingram Micro has been an integration that's been highly requested on our roadmap. Well we listened! Now with Ingram Micro in the marketplace you can order, bill and ship Ingram Micro products to your customers, all in one place. Pretty neat right?
  • Addresses are a finicky thing aren't they. Misspell a street name and your customer's package can end up on the other side of town. We added address autocomplete and validation to make sure that your customers get your products on time and leaving you worry free!

What's to come!

  • In our next launch we're gonna completely cover the billing experience end to end, and there's no way to do that without cancellations. Manage your cancellations in QuotingBill with the ability to rollback while keeping your bookkeeping and customer management in check.

A word on this year and more

It's no question that this year has definitely been a turbulent year. Funny enough, QuotingBill was born right before we had entered 2020. It's safe to say that this year for us was more than crazy. Who's to know if this is just startup life, life under a major historical event, or a sweet mix of both. Regardless, we've had a blast working on this product and are hyped for what 2021 has to offer. We really do hope that you take the next step with us and join the remote revolution for your business on QuotingBill!

Got some ideas that you wanna suggest? Want to vote on new features? Checkout our roadmap at

And if you haven't already checked out quotingbill, then what are you waiting for! Go to and see how we roll

Until then, be safe and always remember

Over 25% of all emails are sent during the holidays

Thanks and Happy Holidays,

The many Carlos' and the QuotingBill team

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