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πŸ’― QuotingBill October update: Email templates, Dunning and Brightlink!

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Carlos Lahrssen
πŸ’― QuotingBill October update: Email templates, Dunning and Brightlink!

QuotingBill is committed to creating an inclusive telecom billing software that brings all your services together. Check it out for free

We've got a lot in store for you this time around!

Hey everyone! We mentioned in the last newsletter that the QuotingBill train has just begun, and well, it's not stopping any time soon! We're introducing several large features for you to use and leverage RIGHT NOW. Let's talk about them! πŸ˜„

Core Enhancements

  • Want customers to receive more than just the boilerplate QuotingBill templates when receiving emails? Well now you can create and edit messages with our Messages module which is the perfect segue into our next module...
  • The Dunning module allows you to set payment reminders for your customers who might've missed a payment. Create reminders and manage reminder actions for your customers when their go over a set day limit. πŸ“…
  • Did you ever feel a disconnect between projects and invoices and didn't love the manual step in between πŸ₯Ά? Well we did! We're now introducing the ability to automatically create a project upon customer approval of an invoice or quote! If you have any applications installed and have them properly configured to products we'll also preload them for ya!
  • You can now view what applications in the marketplace are coming soon!

On the topic of bugs... 🚫🐞

At the moment, there weren't any major bugs for us to tackle and even moving forward we haven't encountered anything that might need immediate attention. That doesn't mean that we're popping the bottle of champagne just yet however. If you find any bugs or any type of weird behavior from the application please feel free to report them by either contacting or using the chat in the lower right section.

Welcome some new integrations to the marketplace, as well as a few enhancements to some existing apps.

We went kind of ham with the integrations this week and added two whole new applications to the marketplace as well as enhancements to two of our existing applications in the ever-growing marketplace!

All new application, Brightlink numbers is the first on the marketplace to let you order numbers!

We're introducing Brightlink numbers to the marketplace. You'll now be able to order numbers for your customers and provision them from project tasks alongside your other applications! The Brightlink numbers application will still have future features and iterations as we continue to see what we can rock with.

Our first whitelabel β€” Brightlink PBX

Are you a Brightlink PBX whitelabel partner? Well now you can install the Brightlink PBX Cloud application in the marketplace. Installing this will let you provision Users, domains, numbers and devices to your switch!

Quickbooks Online does taxes?

Did you know that Quickbooks Online offers a simple tax solution? We didn't but now we do! We quickly added it to our Quickbooks Online application feature set which you can now currently use!

Improvements to metered billing

We threw our design engineer at the metered billing application which was past due for a makeover. They did great things to it and heavily simplified the process of billing usage so that your billing experience is frictionless!

What's next

Same deal as last time, we've like to give you a little sneak peek on what's going to be available in the next QuotingBill. Not everything, but enough to keep things interesting!

Who else is excited for what's coming soon?

  • Customer facing portal
  • QuotingBill Premium and QuotingBill Voip Premium launching for the fully fledged QuotingBill experience with unlimited customers!
  • Bandwidth numbers application
  • Porting for numbers

apart from that you can always find out and hear about us on the following channels:

  • for seeing what's up and coming on our roadmap
  • Email us at if you have any questions(Or maybe you just want to talk! We don't judge!)
  • Visit to view our prices for both our Premium and Voip Premium versions

And if you haven't already checked out quotingbill, then what are you waiting for! Go to and see how we roll 😎

Until then, be safe and always remember

Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated


Carlos and the QuotingBill team


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