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QuotingBill Mid-April update: Bulk import, ACH payments and more!

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Carlos Lahrssen
QuotingBill Mid-April update: Bulk import, ACH payments and more!

QuotingBill is committed to creating an inclusive billing platform that brings all your services together. Check it out for free

What we've got for you right now!

  • A whole new array of features on company products! On top of being able to cancel multiple products freely, you can now perform additional bulk actions such as changing their billing date and changing their price in any customer's products screen! **Furthermore you can now add products directly from that screen as well to ensure that your customers are invoiced as simply and fast as possible.
  • Add CCs to quotes and invoices! Copy any email to any quote or invoice that gets sent to your customers so that everyone is on the same page!
  • General settings – Top-level configuration! We've added a dedicated general settings page so that you can set different options such as Default net terms for new customers, processing payments after a certain period and text templates for your PDF invoices! We've got more so check them out and see how QuotingBill can cater a custom experience!
  • ACH payments as well as added support for ACH verification with Stripe. Customers can now go beyond just credit card payments via ACH. We also provide an easy verification process for ACH if you're using Stripe!
  • Download quotes and invoices as a PDF. A largely requested feature, you or your customers can now download any quote or invoice as a PDF!
  • Import your clients in Bulk! Only just the tip of the iceberg 🧊, this is just the beginning of our plan to rollout more and more options to execute bulk imports. We're starting with customers so easily import your clients into QuotingBill once you've made the decision to take us on your company's journey!
  • Schedule your invoices with a custom collection date to easily plan when you want your invoices paid from your customers! **

We're happy to announce our SkySwitch application in the marketplace! πŸŽ‰

Are you a SkySwitch customer looking to simplify and streamline your business, all in one platform?

Well we just launched our SkySwitch application to our marketplace! Provision domains, subscribers, numbers, and devices into your SkySwitch Platform. All using QuotingBill!

If you have any questions contact us here!

What's coming soon!

  • Commissions – Does your business follow a commissions model? Soon enough QuotingBill will ease that process of calculating commissions for your agents allowing you to configure rates applied to agents and deals.
  • Reports – After a long research and development stage we are now in active development for reporting! We will be offering a robust and easy process to craft reports. Reports are made for humans so building them should follow that same mantra.
  • Easier imports for usage – As part of our plan to roll out more options for an easy bulk import in QuotingBill, our next feature will be allowing you to import usage for a simpler metered billing experience!
  • Product triggers and resellers – This is a an entirely new concept that we're going to be introducing into QuotingBill that has potential to allow for a lot of new features such as the ability to have resellers in QuotingBill. We'll be sure to provide more information and potential strategies that you can implement with product triggers as we mature this powerful concept.

Got some ideas that you wanna suggest? Want to vote on new features? Checkout our roadmap at

And if you haven't already checked out quotingbill, then what are you waiting for! Go to and see how we roll

Until then, be safe and always remember

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